Sunday, 16 February 2014


Yay, it's half term! And also rather damp so I thought you might like a little 'make-it' idea to keep you busy inside during this awful weather.
I recently made a lot of paper pompoms for a friend's wedding and everybody loved them. I know you can now buy them in the shops but they are quite expensive whereas they are so cheap and easy to make yourself. Plus you can do whatever size and colour you like to suit your bedroom. And it's fun!

Here's how to do it...
You need 10 sheets of tissue. My pompom in the pic was A4 size.
Fold the paper like a concertina, back and forth. The folds should be approx an inch deep.
Tie a long length of wool/gift-wrap-ribbon around the middle of the folded paper. Tie it very tightly so it puckers up like this...

ghb pompom etc 010

Now extremely carefully, so as not to tear the tissue, start pulling the layers apart.
Even it up a bit and hang from your lampshade or wherever!
ghb pompom etc 012      Enjoy!

Thursday, 13 February 2014


Yesterday I went to see the new Dreamworks movie Mr Peabody and Sherman, about a genius dog who adopts a boy. Together they go time-travelling along with Sherman's arch-enemy-soon-to-become-friend, Penny. I really liked the concept, (especially the conceit of the young boy not wanting to be called a dog, which of course is turned on it's head by the end of the film), but thought it was a little at odds with itself. Sherman and Penny are aged seven and on one hand it is aimed at an audience of the same age (and younger), but on the other it references Abraham Lincoln, Ancient Egypt (not taught in UK schools till Yr6), Tutankhamen, the Trojan horse, the Mona Lisa, Leonardo's flying machine, Einstein and more. I couldn't help thinking that the small boy in front of me wouldn't have got any of this. But it was fun and could be watched just for the great graphics and being a potted history hopefully it might make some kids want to know more. But for any 10-11 year olds, I did think it was a little young. Loved the cocktail making scene though!


Just enjoyed delicious mexican banana fritters. So quick n easy to make and the great thing is you're likely to always have the ingredients in your cupboard. Yay! I make them gluten free but obviously you can use regular flour. They are so light and crispy. 

Eat them very fresh or they'll go soggy (though still delicious!) Pop on over to my recipe page if you fancy making them... (and better still EATING them)

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


I have been in a book club for two years now and realised at our last meet that we had only read one female author! Margaret Atwood. I'm hoping our next selector might take note. Come on, there are loadsa fabulous writers out there and 50% are female. And winning big prizes. (I've nearly finished Bring up the bodies!) So why are we not reading more of them???

I read this Canadian article with interest. It appears our bookclub is not the only guilty party. This is a great article lifted from CBC books...

Did you know 2014 is the year to read more books by women? So said a columnist for the Guardian who was dismayed by the gender inequality in book reviewing/prize-awarding, and now the call to action is spreading like wildfire. (Check out the hashtag #readwomen2014 to see what's cooking).

But unless you're David Gilmour, you've probably read your share of Canadian women's writing, right?  You've likely read the Margarets (Laurence and Atwood), Alice Munro and Carol Shields. I mean, what is CanLit without them?
It's also been a really good year for talented writers who also happen to be women: Munro won the Nobel Prize, Eleanor Catton took home the Man Booker Prize and Lynn Coady scored this year's Scotiabank Giller Prize. Even though this country has a bevy of bestselling women writers there are some writers who are flying a little under the radar -- whether they are women-identified or transgender writers who eschew the gender binary altogether.
So in the spirit of the hashtag #readwomen2014 we present this list of 10 writers you need to put on your radar.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Yay! Fab n delicious gluten free and veggie recipes heading this way.
Hoping to add one every couple of days. To get you started check out my flat breads n stilton soup....


Just re-read Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions 20 years on and it's still as brilliant as ever. If only more people thought like him... 

And if you haven't read Alex Woods Versus the Universe by Gavin Extence
and you like Vonnegut do check it out. It's about a ten year old boy who befriends a vietnam verteran obsessed with Vonnegut. An adult or YA read not kids. I loved it and it inspired me to read BofC again


If you are interested in imaginative interiors that rely on style and creativity rather than mega bucks do check out this book...


If you haven't yet seen Inside LLewyn Davis then hurry before it vanishes from our screens. Oscar Isaac is nothing short of brilliant.


Hey Green Man Festival tickets on sale now!


Hey, I'm up and running with my new interiors page. It's still in it's infancy so please come back and see how it progresses. 

And if any of you out there are creative types and would like to post pix of your fun/funky/arty/unusual rooms on my blog do please get in touch