Sunday, 16 February 2014


Yay, it's half term! And also rather damp so I thought you might like a little 'make-it' idea to keep you busy inside during this awful weather.
I recently made a lot of paper pompoms for a friend's wedding and everybody loved them. I know you can now buy them in the shops but they are quite expensive whereas they are so cheap and easy to make yourself. Plus you can do whatever size and colour you like to suit your bedroom. And it's fun!

Here's how to do it...
You need 10 sheets of tissue. My pompom in the pic was A4 size.
Fold the paper like a concertina, back and forth. The folds should be approx an inch deep.
Tie a long length of wool/gift-wrap-ribbon around the middle of the folded paper. Tie it very tightly so it puckers up like this...

ghb pompom etc 010

Now extremely carefully, so as not to tear the tissue, start pulling the layers apart.
Even it up a bit and hang from your lampshade or wherever!
ghb pompom etc 012      Enjoy!

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