Thursday, 13 February 2014


Yesterday I went to see the new Dreamworks movie Mr Peabody and Sherman, about a genius dog who adopts a boy. Together they go time-travelling along with Sherman's arch-enemy-soon-to-become-friend, Penny. I really liked the concept, (especially the conceit of the young boy not wanting to be called a dog, which of course is turned on it's head by the end of the film), but thought it was a little at odds with itself. Sherman and Penny are aged seven and on one hand it is aimed at an audience of the same age (and younger), but on the other it references Abraham Lincoln, Ancient Egypt (not taught in UK schools till Yr6), Tutankhamen, the Trojan horse, the Mona Lisa, Leonardo's flying machine, Einstein and more. I couldn't help thinking that the small boy in front of me wouldn't have got any of this. But it was fun and could be watched just for the great graphics and being a potted history hopefully it might make some kids want to know more. But for any 10-11 year olds, I did think it was a little young. Loved the cocktail making scene though!

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