I have always been one of those people who could never make up their mind what they wanted to be and have flitted through life doing lots of fun things like a mural artist, an interior designer, a gardener, a nurse, a waitress, a washer-upper(er!?), a silk-screen printer, a lithographic printer, a print-buyer for medical/scientific journals, a menu designer, a barmaid, a cleaner, a book-keeper, a flan-o-gram girl, an upholsterer, a newspaper delivery girl, a painter and decorator, sold kelims from Afghanistan, a child-minder, started my training as an acupuncturist... AND THEN 
... I suddenly realised that ever since I was a small girl I have always written and it dawned on me that if I did this with more gusto I might possibly just get published.  
FINALLY I knew what I wanted to be!  A CHILDREN'S AUTHOR!  
And several years on I still want to be one! It's so much fun!  Every day I live in what ever world I choose with what ever friends and characters I like.  
As Frankie would say, Poodle-Noodle, what could be more fabaroony than that?

I still have other itches to scratch and am always doodling (I draw with a mouse. Not the squeeky-cheese-nibbling sort. I am petrified of the poor little creatures just like Minnie Piper), redesigning my house (and other people's) or making things.  

All of which works up an appetite. I love eating and am a passionate veggie gluten free cook.  I make my own bread and yoghurt (soya) and always have a mini-farm of sprouting mung beans on the go!

I am a non-bendy yogi and practise every day but after 15 years I still cannot touch my toes!  Sorry if this is depressing for anyone who's about to start out. BUT... I can sit with my bottom between my feet and put my head back on the floor a bit like a break dancer! 

I live in Gloucestershire in my colourful prize-winning house with my original retro husband. 
I have two grown up sons, a garden full of slugs, but no cat!

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