This is a link to my agent, Penny Holroyde, at The Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency. 
This is a link to my stripily brilliant publishers of Minnie Piper. 

Hey if you need a carpenter and live in Gloucestershire then my Dan's the man!
Check out his fabulous work folder here. 
Everything from big buildings to little cupboards...
I'm a regular blogger on this site for girls aged 8-14 
Click here for my son Tommy's blog if you like classical and minimal music. 
Hey if you don't know this site check it out. It is brilliant! You get a chance to 
read the first few pages of all the new children's books published each month,
plus info about the authors etc. Really worth a visit.
This is a link to my friend Caroline's wonderfully imaginative automata
and drawing blog. You absolutely must check it out. Right NOW!

If watercolours are more your thing and you fancy learning how to paint with
them then here's your big chance. What are you waiting for?
Let my lovely friend, Erica, teach you how 
and you don't even have to leave your armchair... Yay!
(unless you want to of course. she won't strap you in!)
A fab site for all coeliacs. And so healthy. Brilliant.

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