This is a fun Ancient Egyptian/code-cracking event based on my book, MINNIE PIPER: The Chocolate Cipher. Ties in with Ancient Egypt curriculum. Perfect for boys and girls ages 8+.

I am very experienced and have run workshops at many literary festivals up and down the country including Edinburgh, Windsor, Cheltenham, York, Bath, the Guardian Pop Up festival, Latitude festival and Newport as well as schools.

The workshop lasts for 90 minutes and includes:

- Learning to read and write in hieroglyphics

- Cracking a top secret, coded hieroglyphic message that comes complete with a small prize of a chocolate!

- Making a lucky scarab amulet

All children receive a free Egyptian bookmark to write their name on in hieroglyphics.
 My fee is £150

I appreciate teachers being on hand to assist those children who may need help.

For the more able child who takes to code-cracking easily there is a hieroglyphic word-search puzzle to keep them happy while more time can be given to help others.
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